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JPAST is a Peer Reviewed & Refereed biannual multidisciplinary journal starting from July 2011. Articles are invited for Dec 23 issue.
Volume 6, Issue 2, Pages 1-6, July 2016

The Study of MHD Flow of A Oldroyd B_ Liquid through a Porous Medium between Inclined Parallel Plates

Sharad Kumar Agarwal1,*, Devesh kumar2 and Deepak Chikara3

1,2,3 Department of Applied Sciences

IIMT College of Engineering, Gr. Noida, U.P., India


MHD flow of a dusty Oldroyd B_ liquid through a porous medium between two parallel plates inclined to the horizon has been studied. The liquid velocity, dust particle velocity and flux of flow have been obtained. Results of several authors have been deduced as particular cases of the present investigation. The physical situation of motion has been discussed.

Keywords: Oldroyd B liquid, Porous medium, Laminar flow.

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