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JPAST is a Peer Reviewed & Refereed biannual multidisciplinary journal starting from July 2011. Articles are invited for Dec 23 issue.
Volume 4, Issue 2, Pages 1-6, July 2014

Strongly NA – Continuous Mappings

Vinshu1,*, Dr. Bhopal Singh Sharma2 and Arvind Kumar3

1,*Research Scholar, Department of Mathematics, N.R.E.C. College, Khurja, UP, India.

2Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, N.R.E.C. College, Khurja, UP, India.

3Research Scholar, Department of Mathematics, University of Delhi, Delhi, India.


This paper introduces a new class of mappings, namely, strongly na-continuous mappings. This class lies properly between the class of super I-continuous mappings and the class of strongly continuous mappings due to Levine. Some characterizations and basic properties of these mappings are obtained. The relationships among these mappings and some other stronger forms of continuity are also investigated.

Keywords: θ – closure, semi-open, semi-interior, strongly na-continuous and feebly open.

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