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Electrical and Thermoelectric Properties of NaAlO2 – Shivendu Tripathi and Subodh Kumar Sharma.

Electrical and Thermoelectric Properties of NaAlO2

1Shivendu Tripathi and 2Subodh Kumar Sharma

1Satish Chandra College, Ballia, UP, India

2S. S. V. College, Hapur, India

The electrical conductivity (σ) with ionic (σi) and electronic (σe) conductivity and thermoelectric power (S) of NaAlO2 have been separated over the entire temperature range from 450K to just below its melting point with the help of time dependent study of dc electrical conductivity. Superionic phase has been observed well below the melting point in which the conductivity is almost purely ionic. The phase transition temperature below which the solid transform from superionic to normal phase has been obtained from electrical conductivity (σ) and thermoelectric power (S) measurement. In normal ionic phase, the solid NaAlO2 shows mixed conduction (ionic and electronic) behavior. The variation of σi and σe with temperatures has been shown in various plots and the conduction mechanism is explained by extended lattice gas model.

Keywords: Ionic conductivity; Electronic conductivity; Thermoelectric power, Phase Transition temperature.

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Physicochemical Characteristics of Groundwater in Different Sites of Agra City, Uttar Pradesh – Vinod Kumar and Smita Chaturvedi.

Physicochemical Characteristics of Groundwater in Different Sites of Agra City, Uttar Pradesh

Vinod Kumar1 and Smita Chaturvedi2

1,2Department of chemistry, Agra College, Agra


A systematic study has been carried out to evaluate the physico-chemical characteristics of groundwater in Agra city. Six groundwater samples were collected from various locations during February 2018 to March 2018 and analysed for pH, turbidity, electrical conductivity, total dissolved solids, total alkalinity, total hardness, calcium, magnesium, fluoride and chloride following the standard methods and procedures. Present work revealed that groundwater is comparatively very hard and slightly alkaline. Fluoride contents vary from place to place. The sampling sites showed that the physico-chemical parameters were not within the water quality standard and was not found fit for drinking.

Keywords: Physico-chemical Characteristics, Groundwater in Agra city.

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