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JPAST is a Peer Reviewed & Refereed biannual multidisciplinary journal starting from July 2011. Articles are invited for Dec 23 issue.
Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 73-85, July 2012

Process Improvement by

Implementation of Lean


Ch Raviteja

Graduate of Mechanical Engineering, BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus

MIG-1880, BHEL, R.C.Puram, Hyderabad


Lean manufacturing techniques are being increasingly used in many industries due to their success in the Japanese automobile industry. There are many techniques one may use to improve the processes but any techniques have to be continuously implemented (Kaizen) in order to obtain substantial results. Even though the literature on Lean techniques is easily available, not many companies have been successful in implementing them. This paper deals with the application of some techniques in a high mix- low volume environment.

Keywords: Lean, Value Stream Mapping, Single piece flow, 5S methodology, Ishikawa diagram etc.

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