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The Study of Optical Band Gap of CdI2 Films – Dr. V.P. Singh.

The Study of Optical Band Gap of CdI2 Films

Dr. V.P. Singh

Associate Professor, D.J. College Baraut, U.P., India


In this paper thin film of CdI2 were grown on glass substrate at room temperature, elevated temperature by thermal evaporation  at a vacuum of about 10-6 Torr using molybdenum boat. The optical absorption measurements were carried out in UV/VIS region using a (Shimadzu UV-260) spectrometer. The absorption coefficient  is calculated. The thickness of film (t) vs Energy bad gap (Eg) of CdI2 is studied. Studies show both direct and indirect nature of band gap in conformation with existing theoretically calculated band structure in literature.

Keywords: thermal evaporation, Absorption coefficient, Energy bad gap.

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