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JPAST is biannual multidisciplinary journal starting from July 2011. Articles are invited for July 21 issue.
The High Temperature Superconductor Electronics – Pawan Kumar.

The High Temperature Superconductor Electronics

Pawan Kumar

Associate Prof., Department of Physics, A.S. (P.G.) College, Sikandrabad, India


The high temperature superconductivity (HTS) is setting a record breaking mile stone in the recent condensed matter physics. Where the microscopic mechanisms leading to pairing at unprecedently high temperatures our hopes lie on superconductivity of cuperates require the review of fundamental principles of the choice of new materials. The reported superconductivity in La-Ba-Cu-O had been retrospected in the electrolytic liquid mixtures in Hall geometry even at room temperatures.

Keywords: High Temperature Superconductors (HTS), Doping, Hall geometry, Superconductivity.

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