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Green Concrete: A Novel Approach for Waste Utilization and Reconstruction – Dr. Vaibhav Jain.

Green Concrete: A Novel Approach for Waste Utilization and Reconstruction

Dr. Vaibhav Jain

Physics Department, DAV (PG) College, Bulandshahr, UP, India.


Green concrete is a concept of thinking environment into concrete considering every aspect from raw materials manufacture over mixture design to structural design, construction and service life. Green concrete is a type of concrete which resembles the conventional concrete but the production or usage of such concrete requires minimum amount of energy and causes least harm to the environment. Since it uses the recycled aggregates and materials, it reduces the extra load in landfills and mitigates the wastage of aggregates. Thus, the net CO2 emissions are reduced. The reuse of materials also contributes intensively to economy. Green concrete can be considered elemental to sustainable development since it is eco-friendly itself. One of the practices to manufacture green concrete involves reduction of amount of cement in the mix, which helps in reducing the overall cement consumption. The use of waste materials also solves the problem of disposing the excessive amount of industrial wastes. This paper discuses the importance of Green Concrete in the present day context and highlights its merits over conventional concrete which otherwise posing a serious threat to the environment through global warming.

Keywords: Green concrete, eco-friendly, waste material, global warning.

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