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JPAST is a Peer Reviewed & Refereed biannual multidisciplinary journal starting from July 2011. Articles are invited for Dec 23 issue.
Volume 2, Issue 1, Pages 66-74, January 2012

Analysis of  Solid Waste Management Strategies in Major Cities of  Uttar Pradesh in India

Divya Agarwal1,*, Anil Kumar Gupta2 and Manoj Kumar Agarwal3

1,*Accurate Institute of Management & Technology, Applied Sciences & Humanities Department, Greater Noida

2National Institute of Disaster Management (Division of Policy & Planning), Government of India, IIPA Campus, New Delhi 110 002, India

3DJ College of Engineering & Technology , Modinagar, India


India is a developing country with growing economy, indicating high resource consumption and waste generation particularly in urban sector. Municipal solid waste is disposed unscientifically in most of the urban Indian cities, breaking environmental pathways. Present study aims at developing an inventory of solid waste disposal facilities in densely populated major cities of Uttar Pradesh by gathering and analysing relevant data on primary and secondary collection and disposal systems e.g. per capita generation, per capita disposal, collection efficiency, collection & storage facility, transportation facilities, treatment & disposals and the major hindrances in Solid Waste Management (SWM). Solid Waste Management is poor with respect to collection efficiency and segregation of waste.

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