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Articles are invited for Jul 17 issue. Jan 17 issue is uploaded. JPAST is UGC listed at no 47835.
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1. Prof. H. Kumar Kulshreshtha (Alwer)

2. Dr. Vaibhav Jain (Bulandshahr)

3. Dr. Manoj Agarwal (Greater Noida)

4. Dr. K. S. Singh (Baraut)

5. Dr. Avdhesh Gupta (Ghaziabad)

6. Dr. Pawan Kumar (Haridwar)

7. Dr. Manish Goel (Delhi)

8. Dr. Sanyam Agarwal (Agra)

9. Smt. Ruchi Agarwal (Bulandshahr) ‘Managing Editor’

10. Dr. R. S. Sathawane ( Durg, Chattisgarh )

11. Dr. Navneet Kumar (Godhara, Gujrat)

12. Dr. Tilk Ram Prjapati (Utterkashi)

13. Mr. Shashank Singh (Ghaziabad)

14. Mrs. Astha Sharma (San Francisco, USA)

15. Dr.  Atul Sharma (Rae Bareli)

16. Dr. Samrat Vivekanand Omprakash (Gujrat)

17. Dr. Sweta Verma (Greater Noida)

18. Dr. K. S. Parsanna Kumar (Bangalore)

19. Dr. Kapil Kumar Bansal (Ghaziabad)

20. Mr. Anuj Kumar (Ghaziabad)

21. Dr. Mukta Sharma (Ghaziabad)

22. Dr. Fanish Kumar Pandey (Greater Noida)

23. Dr. V. R. Mirrampally (Ethiopia)

24. Dr. Anil Gupta (Ganganagar)

25. Dr. Praveen Goswami (Jaipur)

26. Dr. Mahesh Kumar Bhimwal (Jaipur)

27. Dr. Parshuram Singh (Sikar, Rajasthan)

28. Dr. Anita Pawar (Khuja, UP)


    JPAST is listed in UGC at no 47835.

  • Invitation for Special Issue

    Proposals for Special Issue are welcome. Contact Managing Director with following details:

    • A suggested title for the Special Issue.


    • Proposed Aims and Scope, giving an overview of the Special Issue’s intended focus and a list of the topics to be covered.


    • A list of the Guest Editors who will join the Lead Guest Editor in managing the Special Issue.


    • A proposed timeline and schedule which includes: Deadline for submission, First round of review and Tentative publication date.



  • Last Date

    Last date for article submission in JPAST- Journal of Pure and Applied Science & Technology,  for Jan issue is 1 Dec of Previous year and for July issue is 01 June  of  that Year.

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